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Making BBC iPlayer programmes available for longer is part of plans to improve the service submitted to Ofcom by the broadcaster. The BBC said it is proposing that programmes be available on the catch-up service for at least 12 months after they are first shown. It also suggests making selected returning programmes available as full box sets of all series and increasing the amount of content from the BBC The broadcaster has sent its proposals to regulator Ofcom alongside the results of a public interest test which it says concluded that the changes would create public value and would not have an adverse impact on fair and effective competition.

The regulator has previously stated that because changes to iPlayer could increase its usage and affect other broadcasters, the BBC must carry out such tests. Ofcom has argued for the tests because BBC content is free of advertising and more widely available compared to other on-demand BBC director of content Charlotte Moore said: "Audience expectations have changed dramatically, viewers are now used to being able to watch what they want, when they want, and they expect much more from BBC iPlayer. "We want to make the best UK programmes available to audiences for longer and provide a range of series and box sets for everyone to enjoy. This will bring the BBC iPlayer in line with what other services already offer and give audiences even greater value for their licence fee. "The media landscape is changing rapidly, and global media giants are increasingly dominant. An Ofcom spokeswoman said: "We recognise that the BBC needs to innovate and keep pace with viewers’ needs. "Under the BBC’s Charter, our role is to check whether these changes might harm popular, competing services like ITV Hub or All 4 - and if so, whether that’s justified by the value to BBC viewers.

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Philip Pullman has expressed delight that his trilogy, His Dark Materials, is to be made into a BBC One drama. His epic fantasy novels, set in a parallel universe, have already been adapted for stage, radio and cinema. The 2006 film The Golden Compass, based on the first novel, starred Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. His Dark Materials - which consists of the novels Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass - has been published in more than 40 languages and has sold nearly 17.5 million copies worldwide. The story centres on Lyra, a girl who lives at an Oxford college, who embarks on a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. In the second book she is joined on her journey by Will, a boy who possesses a knife that can cut windows between alternative worlds. New Line had also produced The Golden Compass film, which featured Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra.

Viewers were left shocked by the events that unfolded in the first episode of the new series of Killing Eve. Whilst it's been months for viewers, it was only 30 seconds in time between the last scene of the first series and the opening scene of the second. The episode opened with Eve running out of Villanelle's apartment with the assassin's blood still on her hands, whilst Jodie Comer's character found a novel way to get to the hospital. Jodie Comer made it to the hospital where she was treated for her stab wound. Believing that she had killed her, Eve left France immediately and returned to London after being summoned by boss Carolyn. But little did she know that it was going to take more than a stab to the stomach to kill Villanelle.

Do YOU know a real-life Villanelle? Share Fans were quick to share their thoughts about the first episode on social media, with one account tweeting: 'Love love love that it's back! Another posted: 'So excited my fave is back on'. Fans were quick to share their thoughts about the first episode on social media, with one account tweeting: 'Love love love that it's back! Back in London, Eve tried - and majorly failed - to return to normality. Having been fired from her job at MI6, Sandra Oh's character promised partner Niko that they could be 'normal' again. But that was short lived when Carolyn summoned Eve and told her that she needed to find Eve in relation to another murder. Despite the seriousness of the storyline, it was hard to miss the humour that was sprinkled through the episode with brilliant one-liners from Villanelle, Eve and Carolyn.

After a conversation with the doctor, she asked if she could have a lollipop that was reserved for young patients. Despite being told they weren't for her, she took one anyway and also helped herself to a sticker that had the word 'Superbe! But all jokes aside, viewers also saw a more vulnerable side to Villanelle when during her time in hospital. She later went on to tell Gabriel (before she killed him) about Eve, telling him: 'She did it to show how much she cared about me. Grabbing the chance of a free ride, Villanelle offloads the family's luggage and makes herself comfortable in the boot instead. With the family completely unaware of their very dangerous stowaway, the episode ends with Villanelle smiling knowing that sooner rather than later, she will be reunited with Eve. Killing Eve continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Despite the seriousness of the storyline, it was hard to miss the humour that was sprinkled through the episode with brilliant one-liners from Villanelle, Eve and Carolyn.

I shouldn't have studied English. When you meet Philip Pullman at his Oxfordshire home, you’re prepared to encounter the steely intellectual, the literary Brahmin and the scornful debunker of religion you’ve read about for so long. You certainly don’t expect to meet a figure from folklore. His hair is long and snowy white, his bald pate gleams, his amused eyes regard you through rimless spectacles. He wears a workmanlike blue waistcoat over his white shirt. He is every inch The Wily Clockmaker or The Cunning Tailor from some 18th century German folk tale. Traditional folk tales, however, have preoccupied him since he was asked by Penguin Classics to refresh the Brothers Grimms’ Children’s and Household Tales.

And now a handful of these are being dramatised by Philip Wilson at Shoreditch Town Hall in east London. ‘It was over-designed,’ says Pullman. ‘There were far too many twiddly bits on the armoured bears. There should have been great sheets of rusted metal instead. And they didn’t finish the story. They needed an ending that would work for a single film, but one that would also work if it was the first of a trilogy. They wanted both a cliffhanger and a resolution. The film also ran into trouble with the Catholic League, whose leader, William Donohue, called for Catholics to boycott it, lest young viewers might read the books, which, they claimed, denigrated Christianity and promoted atheism for children. 350 million. The chances of a sequel, sadly, seem to be nil. Pullman seems considerably more at ease with the new dramatisations at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Pullman was born in Norwich in 1946. His father Alfred, an RAF pilot and flying ace, was killed in a plane crash in 1953 when Philip was seven. His mother Audrey worked in London at the BBC - ‘I thought her very glamorous,’ says Pullman. 350 million. The chances of a sequel, sadly, seem to be nil. Were they very religious? Did he force religion on the young Pullman? ‘No he was very benign, a very kind man, a good storyteller. His stories were designed to tell listeners about the goodness and loving-kindness of God. And we still had the Book Of Common Prayer and The King James Bible.

If, to his young self, religion was cosiness, and beautiful words, where did he pick up his hatred of dogma? ‘Did you see that story in the paper about the teenage girl who was stoned to death because she was on Facebook? ’ His voice becomes choked with indignation. According to the Taliban, it’s the equivalent of committing adultery, so they took her outside and stoned her to death. That’s what happens when religion gets its hands on the levers of power. Does he see dangerous influences in English religion? ‘The Church of England has no power of that sort - and why we put up with bishops in the House of Lords I’ve no idea. There’s no other religion with much power in this country except in the communities that cling to a rural, largely Pakistani, version of Islam. Isn’t that where much of the extremism comes from?

The terrible things they do to young girls are done in the name of religion, but I don’t believe there’s anything in the Koran about genital mutilation. Pullman is equally damning about zealots everywhere, ‘whether it’s the Arabian Salafists, or extreme Orthodox Judaism. They have different origins, but their effect is to give power to a group of men who have an unhealthy interest in other people’s sexuality and say, "You mustn’t do this." That’s religion prying into places it doesn’t belong. We should resist it’. Pullman was recently embroiled in a row over The Hindus: An Alternative History by American scholar Wendy Doniger. The book upset some fundamentalist Hindu academics, who claimed to be offended by its interpretation of their faith. They threatened legal action - and Penguin India withdrew the book. Pullman attacked them for setting a dangerous precedent.

In India, though, there are laws against ‘hate speech’ - doesn’t he condemn it, too? Pullman considers for a full minute before answering. ‘I’ve said before that nobody has the right to demand they’ll never be offended. In a society with freedom of speech, it’s likely we’re all going to be offended. Put up with it. Argue against it, write to the newspapers saying what offends you. You can do these things. Pullman studied English at Exeter College, Oxford, but barely scraped a third. The day after his finals finished, he began writing fiction, but is modest about his early novels. ‘I didn’t really learn how to tell stories until I was teaching,’ he says. His happiest memories of teaching are ‘telling stories from the Iliad and the Odyssey. He frowns. ‘I wouldn’t be allowed to do the Iliad today. It wouldn’t fit the curriculum.

Pullman recently visited the Education Secretary Michael Gove. I didn't really learn how to tell stories until I was teaching. ‘I saw him a couple of months ago, at his invitation. I told him two things. First, how important school libraries are. We have to have books in them, if we want children to learn that reading is full of fun and excitement. And there must be a trained librarian there, to bring the right book and the right child together at the right time. Second, having an attitude to language in your earliest years. If you’re stuck in a corner with the telly on, and nobody talks to you except to say, "Shut up!

", your attitude to language, through life, will be different from someone who has sat on a lap looking at books, joined in songs, finger plays, clapping games, fairy tales. That is the most basic thing in education. How did Gove take all this? Pullman wrinkles his nose. ‘Well, he appeared very interested and didn’t tell me outright that I was talking nonsense. Philip Pullman is a sly combination of the old-fashioned and the breezily up-to-date. When he shows me a bound first edition of Paradise Lost, he holds it as reverently as a gold ingot, but he’s also full of praise for thriller writers Lee Child and James Lee Burke. The President of the Society of Authors, he warns of the threat to publishers and bookshops posed by the internet and Amazon, but he reads books on a Kindle. He chats about Blake and Coleridge, but doesn’t disdain keeping his 9,000-plus Twitter followers abreast of his mini-saga of Jeffrey The House Fly. Which is his real self? ‘I shouldn’t have studied English,’ he muses. ‘I should’ve been a cabinet-maker. He points at a handsome, solid-looking table in walnut and oak between us. ‘Yes, if only I’d been trained,’ he says, looking at me over his Crafty Little Carpenter spectacles.

Did the eleventh doctor steal his clothes from a hospital? Yes,he did.If you watch The Eleventh Hour on BBC iPlayer,you will see it. When was Doctor Who the eleventh hour recorded? What is the episode after the eleventh hour Doctor Who? What is the episode called in doctor who where he says bow ties are cool? There are multiple ones. This quote is incorporated with the Eleventh Doctor. He first quoted this in the episode "The Eleventh Hour". What was the first ever episode from the 11th doctor called? What is the name of the first Doctor Who episode with Matt Smith?

What is the name of the episode of doctor that had fish fingers and custard in it? When will the Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour be aired? April 3rd in the UK, and April 17 in the US. When will the Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour be aired in Australia? Well, The Eleventh Hour will air in the UK on Saturday, April 3rd, and April 17th in the US, but i honestly don't know. How did the doctor describe Jeff in the eleventh hour? He described him as the good looking one when compared to Rory. What is the next episode after the end of time part 2 does the 11th doctor appear? What Series is Doctor Who - the eleventh hour? When was Arthur Darvill's first appearance in Doctor Who?

His first appearance as Rory is in 2010s The Eleventh Hour. Who plays the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who? Matt Smith plays the eleventh Doctor. When was Eleventh Doctor created? How long does it take to watch doctor who? Who ate the feast in Eleventh hour? Kilory ate the feast at the Eleventh hour. What are the doctor who 2010 first episodes called? The first episode of series 5 is apparently called The Eleventh Hour. When is the next episode of doctor who AFTER the eleventh hour? On Saturday, probably around 6-7.30pm. The last episode was good. How long would it take to watch every single episode of doctor who from the ninth doctor to eleventh doctor?

Here is a quick estimate. That's 7 seasons, somewhere around 15 episodes per season on average, and 3/4 of an hour for every episode. Multiplying everything together, you get about 80 hours. What the significance of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month? What do you think? What is the literal meaning of eleventh hour? How did the TARDIS regenerate itself in the eleventh hour? If the Doctor regenerates then the T.A.R.D.I.S regenerates. If the T.A.R.D.I.S blows up or something, then the Doctor will die. It basically has a part of him made in it. When was The Eleventh Hour - book - created? What is the first doctor who episode with Matt Smith going to be called?

The first episode of series 5 is called The Eleventh Hour. What does the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month refer to? What happened at 11111918 at 11 am? What was signed on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month? What happened at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918? What is the duration of Eleventh Hour animated short? The duration of Eleventh Hour - animated short - is 480.0 seconds. What was the time when the armistice was signed? What famous event happend on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month?

What was the a peace agreement? What are the ratings and certificates for The Eleventh Hour - 1918? What are the ratings and certificates for The Eleventh Hour - 1922? What date did World War 1 finish? What are the release dates for At the Eleventh Hour - 1910? What are the release dates for At the Eleventh Hour - 1914? What are the release dates for At the Eleventh Hour - 1912 I? What is the duration of Eleventh Hour UK TV series? The duration of Eleventh Hour - UK TV series - is 1.5 hours. Who will the 2010 Doctor Who be?