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A flexible LED reading lamp is a light emitting diode lamp that has an adjustable head or neck so that are able to adjust the beam of light from the lamp so that the light falls exactly where you want it to A flexible lamp may have an adjustable head or may be a gooseneck [ reading light]. These lights are normally mounted on the wall over the bed or at the side of the bed to provide bedside lighting.
Flexible LED reading lamps come in styles designed to meet almost any type of décor making it easy to find the perfect light for your home, hotel, or bed and breakfast. Here are a few things you should know about Flexible LED reading lamps:
LED Lights are Stylish and Well Made- One of the first things most people notice is how stylish and well made LED lights actually While these lights are ultra modern there are a number of different styles that will look as good in an old fashioned cottage as a modern flat.
Flexible LED Reading Lamps are Long Lasting- LED lights are extremely long lasting with these lights providing anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours or more of light. When these lights are used 8 hours a night or less they can last anywhere from 3 to 20 years depending on the individual light.
LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- LED lighting is extremely energy efficient. Today when it is more important than ever to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and find more energy efficient ways of living LED lighting helps lead the way. These lights use only 80% of the energy of more traditional lighting options, and more importantly, the waste less of the energy they draw. So not only do these lights help reduce the use of fossil fuels when operating these lights, they can also help you to reduce your energy costs.
LED Bedside Lighting Contains no Toxins- While some of the more traditional forms of lighting such as florescent lights contain toxins (such as mercury) that can be damaging to the environment and your health LED gooseneck reading lights contain no toxins and nothing that will damage your health.
LED Lighting is Better for the Environment- LED lighting is environmentally friendly. They do not give off any excess heat so they don't contribute to global warming, There are no light bulbs to change and then discard taking up room in landfills, nor do they give off any UV rays. In addition, flexible LED reading lamps are completely recyclable so they leave behind a smaller footprint that other types of
LED Lights are Affordable- At one time LED lights were expensive and out of reach for the average home or business owner, but today LED lights are more affordable than ever before costing only slightly more than traditional lighting In addition, the money you can save on energy costs can make up for the extra initial cost of these lights.